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About Us

Welcome to CH$CkEN APPAREL, The brand where the R$CH get R$CHER.Don't Conform to the society you were born in. Transform the society you were born in by thinking R$CHER. Asking yourself "How can i get R$CHER?" is the first step to opening the door to a life full of changes and an unlimited supply of opportunities.

changing lives, by inspiring the minds to think more R$CHER, MAKE R$CHER MOVES, And Live R$CHER Lives is Our Motto. Thank you for checking out our site and we hope to inspire you to Live R$CHER lives.   




Our Story

Changing lives is not easy , and surely changing peoples lives to benefit them in a positive  way  is not easy at all. But with the right thinking and actions anything is possible. CH$CKEN Apparel was created by A young Sudanese entrepreneur, who did not grow up rich, matter of fact the only thing rich where He's  from is their minds. And for a  fun fact  a rich mind is all you need to get R$CH. It all starts with your thinking , which then  transforms to how you'r feeling ,and then eventually your feelings are projected to  the universe and that is how the world gets to see you.  But Starting off by asking ourself how we can  get R$CHER,  is how we got to where we are today A R$CH mindset is all you need to GET R$CH. Our hopes for this brand is to inspire the minds of the not R$CH yet to THINK  R$CHER, Make R$CHER Moves And Live R$CHER Lives. Thank you for checking out our site and reading more about us. We hope you continue on your journey to becoming R$CH while never giving up because we to (CH$CKEN APPAREL)  are still on this journey to becoming the R$CHEST brand that has the R$CHEST community.  Always remember our motto, THINK R$CHER , FEEL R$CHER , LOOK R$CHER

Meet The Team


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